Koauto,New,$59,3919350,Compatible,6pcs,Fuel,with,Injectors,Set,/discoursive831898.html,50hp,wilianjos.com,Automotive , Replacement Parts Koauto,New,$59,3919350,Compatible,6pcs,Fuel,with,Injectors,Set,/discoursive831898.html,50hp,wilianjos.com,Automotive , Replacement Parts Koauto 6pcs 50hp New Fuel Injectors Compatible with 3919350 Set Super-cheap $59 Koauto 6pcs 50hp New Fuel Injectors Set 3919350 Compatible with Automotive Replacement Parts $59 Koauto 6pcs 50hp New Fuel Injectors Set 3919350 Compatible with Automotive Replacement Parts Koauto 6pcs 50hp New Fuel Injectors Compatible with 3919350 Set Super-cheap

Koauto 6pcs Financial sales sale 50hp New Fuel Injectors Compatible with 3919350 Set Super-cheap

Koauto 6pcs 50hp New Fuel Injectors Set 3919350 Compatible with


Koauto 6pcs 50hp New Fuel Injectors Set 3919350 Compatible with

Product description

Shipping from California, Fast Shipping and Good Service.

Condition: New

Package include: 6 pcs /set Fuel Injectors

Part Number: 3919350,3919339,0432131837

Please check the part number before purchasing to ensure fitment.Any question, please feel free to sent message to us.

Compatible Vehicles:
Compatible with 1989 -1993 Dodge Cummins 5.9L

Built to strict quality standards and use superior quality parts

100% test before shipping to ensure product safety, stability and durability

Koauto 6pcs 50hp New Fuel Injectors Set 3919350 Compatible with


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